Mobile Locking Wheel Nuts Removal Service Covering All Southern Counties


We remove ALL locking wheel nuts.

If you have lost your locking wheel nut key or your locking wheel nut key is broken or damaged; If someone has tried Welding or Drilling your locking wheel bolt or nut; then our services are just what you need. With affordable prices and a friendly atmosphere we provide a guaranteed locking wheel nut removal service. Our Mobile Locking Wheel nuts Remover will remove the faulty Locking Wheel Nut or Bolt and Replace them with High Quality Standard Wheel Nuts or Bolts if required.

Locking Wheel Nut Removal takes on average 10 to 15 minutes to remove all four of your Locking Wheelbolts or Nuts, our aim is to minimise disruption to your day.

We can remove ALL types of locking wheel nuts from any vehicle!

– McGard types with spinning outer rings or collars – NO Problem!

– Rounded Standard Bolts typical on BMW, Snapped Off Heads Common on Jaguar and Ford, Deep set as seen on Mercedes and Porsche – NO Problem!

– Volvo, Peugeot, Citroen, Jaguar, BMW, Range Rover, Ford – NO Problem!
– Socket Stuck; Laser Locking Nut Remover tools hammered and Stuck on – NO Problem!

Our Mobile Locking Wheel Nut Removal Service Covers the whole of the Southern UK Counties so if you’re anywhere between Milton Keynes and Brighton; Bristol and Dover, give us a call. With years of experience underpinning our unbeaten service, you can count on an experienced Locking Wheel nut Remover to meet your requirements and get you back on the road quickly and painlessly.

When ringing around locally and you mention wheel locks, you don’t want to hear, “Well, we’ll give it a try” or “Well, we’ll have a look at them”. “No Problem” is what you should hear.

Get all four locking bolts removed, especially if you have no key.  Don’t be told, “It’ll take an hour a wheel” or to leave the car overnight.

Ask “Do you guarantee success, no exceptions and No Damage to Wheels?”. We Do!

No Win No Fee. No Call Out fee for a half-hearted Wheel Lock Nut Removal job.

At a 100% Success Rate our Mobile Locking Wheel nuts Removal Service is efficient, effective and available 7-days a week so you are never left stuck again.

Fast Service, Usually Same Day

Unbeaten System, No Damage To Wheels

100% Success

Fully Mobile Service For Your Convenience

Affordable Prices

4 Wheel Nuts Removed in 15 Minutes

(On average)



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Below are some reviews from our Facebook page (easily verified) from the numerous successful results we’ve had:


Rebekah A-nsell


To be honest I was sceptical – many garages said “not in a million years” or “go to main dealer” but Elvis told me not to worry… He was right! 4 locking nuts off well within 10 minutes and no evidence that he was ever here.I’ve told everyone if they need help, go here!


Sam Hutch


This man works miracles! Elvis, you were incredible!
Within 15mins you had all 4 locking huts off my car. Honestly incredible. You knew exactly what you where doing and filled me with confidence compared to what Jaguar where doing! I hope to meet you again soon (but not over me loosing me locking nut key!)
Thank you, Sam


Andrew Innes


What can I say. This guy does not give up. Took over 2 hours as previous owner had drilled the nut and destroyed the rear right one. All four wheel nuts changed. Knew exactly what he was doing and kept me up to date at all times. Came out to me within 30 minutes of the call to him.
Dedicated, hardworking, relentless. Would refer him to anyone, anytime.


Lian Robinson-Ryan


Such an amazing job. He fitted me in that day. I had very sealed on locking wheel nuts, and my brother in law who’s an AA man recommend Elvis and he wasn’t wrong to do so. He went above and beyond to get them off for me and was such a pleasant man. Highly recommended! Great service 👍🏼


Adnan Dhani Ahmed


Brilliant service…. after spending 4 hours attempting to remove the nut myself and taking the car to 5 different garages without any luck I found elvis on google thought what harm can it do so called him down… he took one look at it and said you done the hard part and the nut was off… what took me 4 hours of trying and failing to do he done in 10 seconds. Price was reasonable as well.


Sid Reddy


Excellent skills and tools. When 2 garages failed to do so this guy did it in matter of few minutes. Extremely professional, he replied to text even during his holiday and booked appointment. Competitive price. No one guarantees to remove nut and some even charge if they fail to remove the offending nut but this guy guarantees to remove any without damage to car. Can’t praise him enough!


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A High Quality Wheel Nut Removal Service covering all Southern Counties.

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Since we first started many years ago we have had nothing but success in the industry. Our highly skilled team are more than capable to remove and replace your damaged or lost wheel nuts so that you can get back on the road right away. We are the No1 Locking Wheel Nut Remover in all the southern counties.

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