Locking Wheel Nut Removal Customer: Corneilius Feild

Location: Westcliffe Essex

Date: Wednesday 6 May 2020

Issue: Corneilius attended a tyre replacement appointment at his local Kwikfit and was referred to Locking Wheel Nuts Removed by Kwikfit because they had Snapped the Head off one of the Standard Wheelnuts on his Jaguar S-type. The Customer then called our Locking Wheel Nut Remover on Friday 1st May 2020 to enquire about the Price of Wheel Nut Removal and to gain confidence on whether this was something our company was experienced in carrying out a repair on.

Corneilius explained that he still had his Locking Wheel Nut Key to remove the locknuts but the issue was in fact the Sheared Off Head on one of the standard Jaguar Nuts. We understood this straight away due to our vast experience on previous removals where the Jaguar Wheel Nut had broken off due to excessive force applied to remove the overtightened wheelnut that has been weakened by rust.

An appointment was booked to attend in Essex on 6th May 2020 as that was convenient for Corneilius.

Solution: Elvis arrived on time observing social distancing and safety procedures including face mask goggles and gloves because the job was carried out during the COVID19 crisis. Elvis got straight to work after inspecting the wheels. Using our custom tools, Elvis successfully removed the Snapped Wheel Nut in Minutes and at the request of the customer went on to check All the wheel nuts on All the wheels Including the Wheel Locks testing the effectiveness of the Wheel Lock Nut Key. In the process another two Standard Jaguar nuts broke.

Elvis replaced all the Broken Wheel Nuts with High Quality Standard Jaguar Nuts which are fully cast and less likely to be weakened by rust unlike the two-part Jaguar nuts that have the soft metal cap. Customer’s expressions changed from despair to hope to visible excitement when the only the first Broken nut was removed. Corneilius is retired veteran of the armed forces and He is currently volunteering during the COVID19 Crisis, as such Locking WheelNuts Removed did not charge for the replacement Nuts in appreciation for the great work the key workers are doing to keep us all safe. 

Feedback: Thank You for all your help, Elvis was absolutely superb explained what was the problem and sorted it out straight away.

Couldn’t have received a better and more competent service.

Locking Wheel Nut Removal Customer: Rob Rowe

Location: Reading Berkshire

Date: Saturday 23 June 2018

Issue: Rob was beginning to get frustrated after days hunting for a solution to remove his Seized Overtightened Locking Wheel Bolt. He attended a local garage who cracked the Locking Wheel Bolt Key in hours expended trying to Remove the offending Lock Bolt.

He then went to Main BMW Dealership who also failed to loosen the Seized Locking WheelBolt when using their Master Locking Wheel Nut Sets. BMW suggested the customer to get in a professional to weld a nut onto the Stuck Bolt to get enough torque on it. The manufacturers of the Locking Wheelnuts, Mcgard in Germany offered to send a wheel nut drilling guide.

Customer found us on Thursday 21st 2018 on Google because of our five star ranking and was booked in for the Saturday.

Solution: The BMW arrived in Reading on the Saturday morning and was sceptical due to his experience thus far. Customer began explaining how I should either drill the bolt or weld something to it because that was the advice he had been given.

Elvis from Locking WheelNuts Removed just gathered his custom tools and got straight to it. Customer in disbelief kept shouting “NO WAY” after the Stuck Locking Wheel Bolt was Removed in seconds.

Five minutes later customer was on their way having spent only £70 for Locking Wheel Bolt Removal and his peace of mind.

Feedback: Great job today, I had a seized overtightened locking wheel bolt, the locking key had then cracked when one garage was throwing everything at it to loosen. BMW dealership failed to loosen it when using one of their keys and said that they would have to get in a guy to weld a proper nut onto it to get enough torque. Mcgard in Germany offered to send me a drilling guide.

I then tried “Locking Wheel Nuts Removed” after days of Google searching for ideas – they could do it on Saturday when I was in the area, and after a few seconds of hammering the offending bolt was out no hassle! 2min later all the other 3 locking bolts were removed and we were on our way!

Nice bloke, quite expensive for less than 5min work but not expensive when compared to the alternatives. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone in a similar pickle! (Facebook Reviews)

Locking Wheel Nut Removal Customer: Mike Cooper

Location: Tadley Berkshire

Date: 9 June 2018

Issue: Mike wanted to get his wheels refurbished on his F30 BMW 320D but found out his Locking Wheel Nut Tool was not fit for purpose. He had called the AA who couldn’t remove their locking wheel nuts.

He then tried a local wheel nut removal specialist who came and quoted £180 if they remove locking wheel nuts or £60 call out charge if they can’t. They also failed to remove the locking wheel bolts and charged Mike £60.

He then tried KwikFit, waited there until he was told they cannot remove his Locking Wheel Bolts because they don’t have the required Locking Wheel nut Remover.

Solution: At this stage Locking Wheel Nuts Removed was still based at Ashford Hill in Aldermaston. Mike found us on Facebook and Called us at 18:40 on Thursday 7th June 2018. We were fully booked for Friday so couldn’t accommodate him on Friday.

We sent him all the details on how to find us and removed his McGard Locking Wheel Bolts in about 15 minutes. In truth the actual Locking Nut Removal took only five minutes.

The remainder of the time Mike was trying to guess where Elvis was from by trying to place his accent while Elvis wrote out a receipt for him.  

Feedback: I was told by 3 different tyre garages that they would need to drill out my locking wheel nuts because they were too tight! Elvis got them off in less than 15 mins! Amazing! Worth every penny! I was quoted £290 + VAT by a garage to drill them out…

Elvis did it for £75 (including bolts) and made no damage to the wheel at all. Would highly recommend him. Thanks you, Elvis! (TrustPilot)